What’s with the ravens?

You may have noticed the rotating banner images at the top of our webpage all have the same two ravens in them. We chose ravens because at nearly every site in the National Park Service (NPS) system, they are the one wildlife species that shows up regardless of the ecosystem or climate. Tiffany and I have seen these intelligent scavengers at Denali in Alaska, Death Valley in California, Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, and everywhere in between. My favorite experience occurred at Utah’s Arches National Park, where a raven was cooling off, openmouthed in the shade of Partition Arch (“Parti” is memorialized on one of the banners). We have long considered ravens to be unofficial NPS ambassadors, so we had to select them as the symbols for Our Pretirement Account. For years we have photographed our raven finger-puppet (named Echo) at a variety of NPS sites, a tradition we plan to continue during pretirement and post under the “Raven About the Parks” header.


June Trip 2524