Flathead National Forest

Glacier Lake Trail—Flathead National Forest
Location: southeast of Kalispell, Montana
Length of visit: 4 hours
Major draws: Scenic views, fishing
Strenuosity: 5 out of 10
Cost/Fees: Free
Additional considerations: High elevation, bear country
Description: A long, good dirt road leads to the edge of the Mission Mountains Wilderness, a popular trailhead that accesses multiple mountain lakes.



We are back!

We are back!  We are currently driving up to Alaska, state number 34 out of 50.  We enjoyed taking a break from blogging while we explored western Europe, the Canadian Rockies, and our hometown during Cheyenne Frontier Days.  We decided it would be easier not to blog while in foreign countries and instead simply be tourists.  Even though we kept a journal, we realized posting to this website helps us to process all of our adventures, especially when there is so much happening every day.  We hope you enjoy our next posts.