Hanakapi’ai Falls

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http://foodintravel.it/integrale-o-raffinato/?_sm_byp=iVV1MMS0FwM6QwFs' Hanakapi’ai Falls
Location: northwestern Kauai, Hawaii
Length of visit: half day
Major draws: 300-foot waterfall
Strenuosity: 9 out of 10
Cost/Fees: Free
Additional considerations: Multiple waist-deep stream crossings, flash floods, trail slippery when wet (all the time)
Description: This trail follows the treacherous Kalalau Trail for the first 2 miles then heads up the soggy valley an additional 2 strenuous miles to reach the impressive falls. It is incredibly difficult to photograph due to the spray at its base, so be sure your equipment is waterproof.

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One thought on “Hanakapi’ai Falls”

  1. follow url When reading the “considerations” I had a good belly laugh! You have to belong to an elite group that can actually make it to the falls, which of course, makes it even more rewarding! Those pics are spectacular! Bet Oma is going crazy!!!

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