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Logistics: Camping on public lands

One of the ways we intend to save money during pretirement is camping for free on public lands.  Dispersed camping is permitted in almost all areas managed by the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management.  A good topographic map helps locate the borders of these sometimes poorly marked districts.  Oftentimes they are adjacent to big national parks like Grand Canyon and Mount Rainier, which charge to stay in their busy campgrounds.  In November, we even found a free primitive campground within Capitol Reef National Park run by the National Park Service.  We were the only ones there that night, probably because it snowed.  When looking for a spot, pay attention to private property signs as there are sometimes inholdings not marked on maps.  Public land is harder to find on the east coast, which is one of the reasons we purchased S.N. the van for overnights at roadside rest areas.  Just one more way we are trying to stay within budget on our grand adventure.  -Scott